WIPocalypse 2016

Here is my List of projects for this years WIPocalypse, kindly hosted by Measi. So far, all my WIps are from Heaven and Earth Designs.
It's a SAL which originally started in 2012 to get some progress until the end of the world (which didn't come) and continued afterwards. If you still want to join, feel free to do so. We post updates on our projects every full moon.

Kreimhilds Revenge - Howard David Johnson

Das Rheingold - Kinuko Craft

Yule Angel- Anne Stokes

Starlight - David Hoffrichter

The Eternal Promise - Matt Stewart

Wolf Variant - Bente Schlick
Danielle by Sarah Butcher

QS Paddys Luck
Supersized Ride of the Yokai

Supersized Iris Keeper

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